Lifetime finds its Marilyn Monroe


Final Project: Marat/Sade

I had no idea what I wanted to do for a final project until it was suggested to me that I be apart of Marat/Sade, a play about the assassination of Jean-Paul Marat performed by inmates in an asylum. I read the play last semester for my Social and Political theatre class and loved it then so when I was presented the opportunity to perform a scene from it I jumped at it.

I play an inmate who is playing Charlotte Corday. The inmate playing Corday has narcolepsy and has to fight to stay awake long enough to present her lines so playing her is a challenge but it is one I am excited for perform. I watched the movie version of Marat/Sade and studied Glenda Jackson’s brilliant performance as Charlotte Corday. I wanted to watch her facial expressions, her movements around the stage, and how to play a person with narcolepsy.

We have only had a short time to prepare for this intense scene and have had little rehearsal time because of conflicting schedules but because everyone has done this before and are very good at what they do the scene has come along nicely. There has even been music written for Corday’s arrival in Paris. I would love to perform this production in it’s entirety at some point because it is such an interesting show and I would love to be apart of it anyway I could be.


For Ahnna’s project 1 course she put together a scene where a parental figure, a friend, a sibling, and a mentor tell her that her life goals and dreams are not worth anything and she should try sometime sensible with her life. As the scene progresses Ahnna finally has enough and fights the people who try to tell her what she should do with her life and at the end of the scene the people bringing her down are defeated and sitting quietly on the ground.

I played the mentor in the scene. Though she would never be as cruel as my character was in the scene, I based my character off my professor Jayne Decker mannerisms wise and how I would come across.

Kennedy’s Children

Kennedy’s Children was another hard challenge to convey. The play is set in 1974 in a bar and there are six characters talking about their lives and reminiscing about the 60’s.

I played the role of Carla, an actress in her late twenties, who has an infatuation with Marilyn Monroe. Monroe is her idol and she tries to live her life around what Marilyn would do. Carla pops pills, drinks, and likes men; she “liked a couple of men a lot.” I did two monologues in this role, one at the beginning of the play when she first gets her drink and one from the second act when she has taken pills and washed them down with a few drinks. I wanted to show the contrast of the character before she was impaired to after she comes back from the bathroom on drugs and drunk. I focused really hard on her second monologue because I had to play her drugged and drunk and she goes into such detail about everything with such passion that I really wanted to do that justice. My first monologue could have been better but it was not bad. But my second monologue went very well. Overall I believe I gave a good performance.

I myself idolize Marilyn Monroe. I have four pictures of her on my wall in my bedroom. But it is one thing to idolize someone and become that person. At first I had a hard time finding her. I have watched countless movies and interviews with miss Monroe before Kennedy’s Children so I had to go back and re-watch those movies and interviews to not just enjoy but study for character development, just as Carla would. I wish I would have had more time to really focus on her. She is a role that I would love to study more.